Various Artists - Island Vibrations

Island Vibrations

Various Artists - Island Vibrations

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Producer Thomson Enos of THP brings you Island Vibrations, a compilation of reggae music from some of the best recording artists throughout the Hawaiian Island chain and abroad. Thomson rounds up his hui (group) of island reggae artists in collaboration to create this musical magic.

Island Vibrations artists include Na Hoku Hanohano Award winners Typical Hawaiians and O-Shen, as well as Maui's Marty Dread, Damon Williams, Jamin "The Chief Ragga" Wong, Ilona Irvine, Jamaica's Eko, Red Eye of Sudden Rush, Bamboo, Ruff Reggae, Kaipo Kapua, Isle Five, international reggae sensation Tarrus Riley, and many more. This is music that speaks of our island beauty and prideful culture.

Island Vibrations expresses the positive movement of our people as well as the love and romance that permeates out Islands. Turn up your speakers and feel the positive vibes; they will surely get your head bobbing and your feet moving! Enjoy and feel the new sounds of Island Vibrations.


  1. Island Reggae - Jamin "Chief Ragga" Wong & Damon Williams
  2. Cruising on the Beach - Ilona Irvine, Ryan Hiraoka, Sonny Kapu
  3. Watching the Waves Go By - Typical Hawaiians feat. Eko & Red Eye
  4. Waiting for You - O-Shen
  5. Good Good - Bamboo Cru (Cial)
  6. Aloha Summer Time - Typical Hawaiians feat. Eko & Red Eye
  7. Imua Hawai`i - Kalei Kahalewai
  8. Make it Right - Sonny Kapu
  9. When You Look at Me - Lance Bernard
  10. Genuine Dedication - Ali`i Kane
  11. Miss You - Typical Youth
  12. All for Free - Kaipo Kapua, Shaga Mon & Isle Five
  13. Power to the People - Crucial & Ruff
  14. Push On Through - Typical Hawaiians feat. Tarrus Riley
  15. Bare Foot Man – Marty Dread
  16. Honolulu City Life (Roots Version) – Typical Hawaiians feat. Notch
  17. Feeling Irie – Typical Hawaiians & Jamin “Chief Ragga” Wong
  18. Primo Beer Song – Typical Hawaiians feat. Jamin “Chief Ragga” Wong